Cancer Patient says: "I am infinitely grateful to Aurélie Guardino to introduce Thought Field Therapy to me. It has helped me daily to better manage my intense physical pains. It is simple and easy to use. Aurélie’s support is essential to discover hidden emotions. It is a fast and effective technique especially if used as soon as a problem appears."

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Victim commented: "I am very grateful to Aurélie Guardino for her help to get out of my depression in a fortnight. She helped me gain back my self-confidence. TFT is a fantastic technique. Aurélie is very effective practitioner. I was quickly feeling better without having to disclose all aspects of my life. I was surprise to discover the many hidden emotional pains that came back to the surface. A heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. Aurélie encouraged me to use Thought Field Therapy daily. When a negative emotion comes up, I can immediately self-treat. I have chosen to be happy. Aurélie did not spare her time with the follow-up support. When this method is used regularly it allows a better world with happier and more autonomous people. I highly recommend Thought Field Therapy. "

Carer states: "I did not know Thought Field Therapy, but it is really good. Since using it, I can better manage my emotions, my fears and anxieties. Thought Field Therapy is helping me a lot with the hardships I am currently facing. With the follow-up self-help treatment, I feel better and can better cope with the situation. As with the service, I must say, I felt right away at ease, I felt in confidence and I could talk freely. Aurélie listened so I could confine and finish to deal with some heavy issues. I could talk about all my problems without taboo. Aurélie is a very effective practitioner."

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